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best of → Annabeth Nass
“One day I’m gonna meet someone else, someone who will love me the way I deserve to be loved and you will realize how stupid you were to let me go because I am the best thing that ever happened to you”

In which dudecruise wants her friend to test reactions to Zac Efron obsessions before she can do it herself. Guys if you like Zac Efron let her know so she doesn’t feel so alone. And so she stops bothering me with it.

Your love for Zac Efron is getting out of hand Stacey. It was cute in the beginning but now you’re concocting these stories… No one will judge you for your love of Zac Efron. It is OK to come out as a Zac Efron lover, WE SUPPORT YOU!
I love you. I don’t want you to live alone with your shame.
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Oh really? Cause I think you put it up as a special gift for yourself. Because YOU love him! You love him so much it’s been all you can think of the past seven years. And yesterday you said you wanted to be 21 and today this is what you’re blogging?!?! Coincidence? I think not!

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We danced on the beach, kissed on the beach and dot, dot, dot.


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Yes, I’ve been watching a ton of Disney princess movies with baby Clara, but, I firmly believe, with all my heart, that one magical kiss from you could unlock all of Sarah’s memories.


if u ask me to go to the park and just swing on swings with u there is 98% chance i will say yes and swing for 5 hours do not test me


"Atleast out loud, I won’t say I’m in love."


tranna with hanna starting it cause important

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