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a moment of silence for all the wonderful WIPs that are probably sitting abandoned on hard drives, possibly never to be touched again

Nathan Fillion & Zachary Levi - Nerd HQ

Wilke x Daphne kissing plus bonus (drunk?) Adrianna in the background

Wilke x Daphne kissing plus bonus (drunk?) Adrianna in the background


They’re so adorable together. I still can’t believe it’s over…

(SAB 1x22)

Nope it won’t, buying me a pony might though

I’m probably not going to be an enabler for your pony habit. At least until Christmas anyway …

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"Yeah, and won’t you get in trouble if I don’t follow the rules?"

you can block the recommended posts. its an extra extension for it. you’ll see :D its easy

Awesome. Thanks.

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I’ve been preaching xkit forever! lol

I know you use it but I didn’t know if it blocked the recommended blogs. If it helps WhyDontWeEverGoAnywhereNice has told me over and over. But I’m useless at downloading things. I will get on it.

Will xkit stop you sending me dodgy pics? ;)

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"I’d only give one piece of advice to anyone marrying. We’re all quite similar in the end. We all get old and tell the same tales too many times. But try and marry someone kind" [About Time]

I’m getting so annoyed at Tumblr’s suggested posts spoiling shows!! HELP. Which extension blocks this feature?

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If you could do any role, any time - not just now, but in the past, ever - what would you have picked?